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Brief History and changes

The Fokker F-27 Friendship (click here for details on the real aircraft) was developed after the second world war to "capture the market served by  the DC-3 Dakota". The F-27 evolved into the most successful turboprop, with more than 600 sold in various countries on all continents.
The F-27 flew in several versions, mostly as mark 100/200/300/400.
The F-27 mk.500 is extended 100 cm in front of the wing and 50 cm aft of the wing compared to the smaller F-27 versions.
Models of the F-27:
ESCI 1/72 model
Airfix 1/72 model
Revell 1/96 model

The Fokker 50 (click here for details on the real aircraft) was based on the  F-27 Friendship but was in fact a completely new aircraft. The F-27 Rolls Royce Dart engines proved very reliable, but the modern Pratt & Whitney PW125 type was fitted into the Fokker 50. It needed a new nacelle, particularly in front of the wing LE.  The propeller was a six bladed Dowty propeller. A new interior was designed with many smaller fuselage windows and changed doors. The length is derived from the F-27 mark 500. This version was 1.50 m longer than the F-27 mark 100/ 200/ 300/ 400. The wingtips were modified with "foklets": the ailerons got a aerodynamic curve at the tip. The rudder got a trim surface. On the right horizontal stabilizer also got a trim surface. Nose undercarriage was renewed with twin wheels.
Externally other small changes can be seen.
The Fokker 60 (click here for details on the real aircraft) was a lengthened military variant of the Fokker 50, only 4 were built for the Royal Dutch air force. ECM equipment with fairings, larger doors and APU were fitted. The Fokker 60 extensions were 202 cm  / resp. 110 cm as compared to the F-27 mark 500.

Of the Fokker 50, a mixed media model is available on 1/72. I use this for a Fokker 60 also, see here...

Also, at 1/72 scale a solid travel agency promotional model from IMC was once available.

On 1/144, Welsh issued a vacuform model.
F-27 Friendship
Some basic findings on the available 1/72 models of the Fokker F-27:

(1) ESCI model

ESCI depicts a F-27 mk. 400 Maritime patrol aircraft. The model was issued in the eigthies and nowadays may be hard to find. It is a nice model to look at with fine panellines. However, unfortunately  the kit is not accurate in dimensions and shape.

The biggest flaws are:
- The fuselage nose does not have "enough body": it is to pointy in shape. The fuselage diameter is overall 2 mm too small which also give a "not correct" impression.
- The fuselage cross section is nearly a circle, but there should  a kink in the cross section at the "floor".  The shape of all windows is also not correct.
- The tail cone with the vertical tail is "too fat" and does not follow a very correct outline.
- Wing: gaps at flaps and ailerons are fare too small. The engine nacelles should be set 3 mm more outboard. The shape of the engine-wing fairing on top of the wing is "too fat" and "too round".

I made the ESCI model a long time ago in some sort of desktop model with a stand, as seen here...


A better alternative is to use the older Airfix F-27 kit

(2) Airfix F-27 models issued
Although it is the oldest F-27 model in 1/72 , it is quite good in basic outline!  The kit is pretty old and appeared in various boxes and decals/paint schemes.
You will need to refine some areas and may be make some corrections, but when done so, you will get a nice good representation of the real thing. The Airfix kit is typical for a short F-27(mark 100/ 200/ 300/ 400)  without radar nose in the older kits (the new kit released mid 2009 has optional parts for a longer nose and props).

Check out the modelling Report on the Airfix F-27 here.......
Airfix kit released Mid 2009 , no. 05003 

Box art of F-27 flying over Uluru/Ayers Rock in mid Australia
Optional parts for also the longer nose
Optional props (straight blade ends)

Excellent decals for various schemes

 real photo of NLM plane...

he parts layout of the revised kit (with separate nose options and two extra propellers):

(3) Revell F-27 issued models in scale 1/96
This very old kit is for a Fairchild version on the odd scale of 1/96.
It not really good so is an item for the kit collector. It appeared in various boxes.

There were also some "metal kits" of the F-27, such a  FOKKER F.27 in AER LINGUS IRISH AIRLINES in the odd scale of  1/105 and issued in the early 1960's.


Fokker 50/ 60
f you want to make a Fokker 50/60, you can convert the old Airfix kit as described. An alternative solution as to doing a lot of work yourself is using the resin Czech-Master conversion set. It has a complete resin wing with foklets, revised nacelles with six bladed props. The wings unfortunately were based on the incorrect ESCI wings!  or.....

Update July 10, 2001 :
From Germany (Classic Plane), a mixed media model (vacuform  fuselage and resin parts) has been issued. The model was based on drawings supplied by the author of this website and a master made by Maarten Schonfeld on behalf of IPMS The Netherlands.
The model is a good Fokker 50, with resin parts of wings, details and a complete model in 1/72 can be made. For the Dutch AF version, ECM pods and FLIR pods are also supplied. Civil decals are provided for an Austrian Airlines aircraft.
The Classic Plane Model 50 parts are seen here....

EXTRA: A project converting it into a Fokker 60 is seen here...
A Fokker 50 model also was previously "somewhat available" for use at desktops of vacation selling agents, actually in 1/72 and purchased on a swop meet seen below...
Using this IMC model for a Fokker 50 can be seen here....
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a nice book in Dutch language published in 1985:

50 jaar Fokker Friendship, Joop Gerritsma, Publisher De Alk, The Netherlands,  ISBN 90 6013 268 8

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