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Sept 21completed a few Chipmunk trainers in 1/72
Sept 14made a 1/72 Fokker S-14 Mach Trainer jet
Sept 10completed a pair of Zlin Z-242 prop trainers
Aug 29completed the 1/32 Echelon E.E. BAC Lightning F6 mk.53
Aug 23converted a 1/72 S-11 to Fokker S-12 trainer
Aug 3completed the 1/32 E.E. BAC Lightning trainer conversion
July 24completed a 1/72 Fokker S-11 of Kovozavody Prostejov
July 12completed a 1/72 Shackleton in South African AF scheme
July 7started in parallel with another 1/32 Echelon Lightning vacuform
June 27finally started a 1/32 E.E. BAC Lightning trainer conversion
June 22completed the 1/32 IAI Kfir 
June 9completed a 1/32 EC-145 REGA helicopter
May 26started a 1/32 IAI Kfir conversion 
May 15made a 1/72 Amodel Beech 1900D of EZ Air 
May 5completed 4 Airfix F-80 Shooting Stars with some conversions
May 4published Youtube video about modelling the 1/32 Vampire trainer 
April 28designed decals for Middle East Eurofighter Typhoons
April 6 completed 3 Asian F-86 Sabres in 1/72 
March 17completed another K-8 of Bolivia  
March 9published YouTube video about modelling the 1/32 TA-4 Skyhawk
March 5made a 1/72 Airfix Britten Norman Islander
Feb 11converted a 1/72 SR-71 into a Lockheed A-12 OXCART
Feb 3completed another pair of the Dornier Do-28 in 1/72 scale
Jan 22finally made after 25 years the 1/72 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Jan 17completed a 1/72 SU-30 Flanker of the India Air Force
Jan 4 completed a pair of 1/72 MB-339 of Malaysia and New Zealand
Dec 22added a new custom decals sheet page
Dec 14 made a 1/72 HFB-320 Hansa jet of Amodel
Dec 7completed the 1/32 Vampire trainer conversion
Dec 3a new offering for 1/32 Tornado ADV F2 F3 IDS decals
Nov 23started a conversion for a Vampire trainer in 1/32
Nov 15started a series of 1/72 Dornier Do-28 Skyservant
Nov 6completed the 1/32 Venom FB.4 conversion
Nov 2 made a 1/72 Revell FIAT G-91 "Gina"
Oct 26started a 1/32 De Havilland Venom FB.4 conversion
Oct 18completed the first 1/32 Infinity models De Havilland Vampire FB5
Oct 5a new generation 1/72 SU-30 of the Kazachstan air force 
Sept 30completed 1/72 Indonesian and Philippine KAI T-50 jet
Sept 19another few 1/72 models of the Lockheed T-33
Sept 5started the 1/32 Infinity Models De Havilland Vampire
Sept 1completed the 1/32 Sea Harrier conversion
August 24started a series of 1/72 KAI T-50 jets 
August 18 about a conversion to build a 1/32 Sea Harrier 
August 12completed 3 Platz / Italeri Lockheed T-33 models in 1/72
August 7started a series of 1/72 Aermacchi MB-339 jets
August 4finished the 1/32 AV-8A Harrier of Thailand 
July 29completed 3 KP SF-260 trainers in 1/72
July 21started a series of 1/72 Lockheed T-33 "T-bird" trainers
July 15first progress on modelling 1/32 Harrier / AV-8A Jump jet
July 12another pair of 1/72 Hawks of RAF and Zimbabwe 
June 21  built a Wessex of Armada Uruguay 
June 15 completed another 1/72 FMA Pucara in Uruguay scheme
June 8 started a series of 1/72 SIAI Marchetti SF.260 trainers
June 2 1/72 Avro Vulcan including Black Buck "6" mission 40 years ago
May 31 a pair of Dutch Antillean De Havilland Twin Otters
May 19 tribute to Ukraine with the L-39 jet trainer
May 1 completed another few 1/72 Hawks of India and SAAF
April 12 completed 1/32 Eurocopter / Airbus H145 ANBW helicopter
April 2 building a 1/32 Eurocopter / Airbus H145 helicopter
March 29 built the 1/72 Chengdu J-20 of Bronco Models
March 24 for rebranding to the new aircraftinplastic.com  site the contents runs on both and designer domain
March 12 completed a 1/72 CASA C-212 MPA of the Surinam air Force
March layout updates for rebranding to AIRCRAFTINPLASTIC domain
Feb 25 built a 1/72 Douglas DC-9 airliner of the ALM Antillean Airlines
Feb 24 completed the 1/32 SAAB Gripen of the SAAF 
Feb 17 built the Lift Here Fokker S-13 universal trainer in 1/72 
Feb 16 continued with the 1/32 Saab Gripen
Feb 8 built another few Arab Strikemasters... 
Jan 21 built another pair of BAe Hawk later series in 1/72
Jan 5 built a 1/72 MiG-15UTI for the Indonesia TNI-AU
Dec 18 continued with the 1/32 Saab Gripen
Dec 15 built the 1/72 Special Hobby Dornier Do-27
Dec 12 built the 1/72 Zvezda Mil Mi-24 Hind helicopter
Dec 2 started building an improved 1/32 Revell Saab Gripen
Nov 22 built another S-51 helicopter with the 1/72 MPM kit
Nov 6 made another few Alouette III helicopters in 1/72 
Nov 1built the 1/72 Zvezda Yak-130 in Belarus scheme 
Oct 19 built a small Dornier Do-28A-1 flying in the Dutch Antilles
Sept 23 made another pair of Vampires with the 1/72 MPM/Revell kit
Sept 10 built a couple of Dassault Rafale fighters in 1/72
August 30 completed KP MiG-21 UM trainer in 1/72 
August 16 built the 1/32 Hasegawa TA-4 Skyhawk
August 14 completed the 1/32 EC-135 helo of the Dutch ANWB
August 4 completed the 1/32 HPH L-29 Delfin in DDR scheme
July 22 started a series of new Sukhoi SU- Flanker 1/72 kits
July 16 started building the 1/32 Revell EC-135 of the ANWB
June 17 another Japanese Air Self Defense Force F-15J Eagle
June 11 made the 1/72 Marivox Saab 105 / Sk.60 kit
May 21 completed another pair JASDF F-15J Eagles in 1/72
May 14 Jet Provost converted to early T. Mk 1 
May 7 continued with the 1/32 Aero L-29 Delfin 
April 27 added 1/72 Alouette III of Malta and Denmark
April 13 completed another few Hasegawa F-15J in 1/72
April 4 added a nice 1/72 Platz F-15J Eagle of the JASDF
March 26 Alouette III of Suriname, Seychelles and Bophuthatswana
March 17 another 1/72 SEPECAT Jaguar: Nigeria
March 12 started building the 1/32 HPH L-29 Delfin
March 10 completed another pair of Alouette III of Mauritius and Congo
February 28 finished a 1/32 Bo-105 of the Rijkspolitie (Police)
February 9 started a series of 1/72 Alouette III helicopter models
January 24 added a pair of Saab Safirs in 1/72
January 6  completed another 1/32 Bo-105 model of KLM Helikopters
2020   .
Dec 11 a WW1 1/32 Albatros D.III in LuchtvaartAfdeeling markings
Dec 7 another 1/72 Jaguar: Italeri Jaguar T2
Dec 2 completed the 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer S mk.50 SAAF
Nov 24 completed the first 1/32 Bo-105 model: KLu
Nov 10 another Buccaneer and NA39 in 1/72 completed
Oct 22 a new modelling project of 1/32 Bo-105 helicopters
Oct 10 started increasing letter font sizes for better reading on mobiles
Oct 4 completed another 3 MiG-17's in 1/72 with the Airfix kit
Sept 29 added another 1/72 MiG-17PF "Fresco D" of Indonesia
Sept 22 completed 1/72 Saunders Roe S.R./A-1 flying boat jet
August 25 1/72 Saab Viggen with old Heller and new Special Hobby kit
August 16 completed 1/72 model of the Sikorsky S-51 helicopter
July 30 completed another 3 MiG-17 in 1/72
July 12 completed the first pair of 1/72 MiG-17 kits
June 27 started 1/72 project of the Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17
June 10 finished MiG-15 UTI FT-2 of Finland and Cambodia 
May 26 completed the 1/32 F7U-3 Cutlass
May 17 continued with the 1/32 scale F7U-3 Cutlass navy fighter... 
May 9 made decades ago:  F/A-18 of the Finnish "Ilmavoimat"
April 15 update 1/72 MiG-19 with new "Kovozavody Prostejov" kits
April 14 continued with building the 1/32 F7U-3 Cutlass
March 30 analyzed the 1/72 Revell Shackleton MR3 kit 
March 16 started 1/32 scale Fisher Chance Vought F7U-3 Cutlass
February 20 another MiG-21 in 1/72 made of Laos Air Force
January 27 completed pair of MiG-21 in 1/72 of Sudan and Eritrea
January 2         
End of 2019 I have moved to the city of Haarlem, some 20 km westwards from Amsterdam.
So obviously no modelling progress but hope to restart soon!
December 1 Celebration! First website page was online 20 years ago on December 1, 1999. 
November 5 finished another small 1/72 Dassault Mystere
November 4 restored code error in Flagcounter statistics
October 2 completed pair 1/72 F-16 of Romania and Thailand 
September 12 finished a 1/72 Yumo model of the Soko G-4 Super Galeb
August 29 added an old 1/72 Amodel of the Kamov KA-15 
August 8 completed a pair of 1/72 Eduard MiG-15 UTI trainers
July 22 Cold War MiG-15's of Czechoslovakia, Taiwan and Hungary 
July 20 50 years ago....First Men on the Moon... Apollo 11
July 16 added old air force roundels in the "World Air Forces in Plastic" overview
July 9 made some corrections regarding information about 1/72 MiG-15's built earlier
July 6 another pair of 1/72 MiG-21's:  the new Eduard kit and another RV kit
July 1 added 1/72 F-84G Thunderjet of the former Yugoslavia air force
June 28 a nice 1/72 A and A model of the EWR-Sud VJ 101 VTOL test aircraft
June 12 a pair of 1/72 USAF F-16C Agressors added....
May 28 another 1/72 F-16A Singapore Black Knights and another F-16A ADF Italia
May 8 another 1/72 T-28 Trojan as operated in Congo
April 15 converted 1/72 F-16E Block 60 in U.A.E air force scheme
April 9 added a nice little 1/72 PZL TS-11 Iskra
March 14 completed additional Turkish F-16D Block 50 and Jordan F-16B 
March 6 another 2 F-16's in 1/72: Turkish F-16C Block 50 and Morocco F-16C Block 52
March 1 finished 1/72 Heller Dassault Ouragan of El Salvador
February 14 a small 1/72 Kramme and Zeuthen KZ. VII "Lærke"
February 11 completed a 1/72 Helwan HA-300 fighter
February 4 completed an IAF Super Mystere and Honduras Sambad in 1/72 scale
January 12 completed a 1/72 Trumpeter kit of the Nanchang Q-5 / A-5 "Fantan
January 6 started this year with a 1/72 F-16A of the "Força Aérea Portuguesa"
2018 ....
December 27 completed a pair of 1/72 Kinetic kits of the F-16D Block 52 of Greece / Hellas and Pakistan
December 15 completed an Amodel 1/72 Kamov KA-26 "Hoodlum" helicopter
December 12 completed 1/72 Sword T-34C Turbo Mentor of the Forces Aeriennes Gabonaises
December 6 added 1/72 Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark
November 27 completed in the modern China aircraft series the 1/72 FBC- JH-7 Leopard
November 21 not a lot of progress... to busy assisting with the big IPMS Nederland event EURO SCALE MODELLING 
October 10 completed a small 1/72 Heller Saab Safir 
Sept 19 a pair of 1/72 F-16 models in a Danish Air Force livery
August 28 completed another pair of 1/72 F-15 Eagles of Saudi Arabia and Singapore......
August 21 completed a 1/72 Trumpeter FC-1 / JF-16 Thunder
August 18 a review of the 1/32 KLu Orpheus recon pod of Videoaviation.com 
August 7 added a long forgotten McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle page in 1/72 scale.......
July 25 completed conversion of the MiG-21 Shenyang J-7 of a F-7M Air Guard
July 21 completed the first Tamiya 1/72 F-16 "Have Glass", added another F-16B and Italian ADF Veltro
July 8 added another Super Etendard now from Heller with an Aeronavale 100 Ans scheme
July 2 completed a 1/72 Canadair Tutor as a Malaysian CL-41 Tebuen
June 25 finished a 1/72 Special Hobby IA.58 Pucara and added a Super Etendard, both in Argentina schemes
June 15 added a couple of early MiG-21 F13 models in 1/72 of Syria and North Korea
June 7 completed in the 1/72 F-16 series a Turkish air force F-16D....
June 4 completed the 1/32 Kitty Hawk kit of the  OV-10 Bronco of the Fuerza Aerea Venezolana
May 27 added another MiG-23 Flogger of the Bulgaria AF
May 18 completed a MiG-29 Fulcrum of North Korea in 1/72
May 16 completed another 4 Fouga Magisters from HELLER
May 10 started a series of 1/72 Fouga Magister models of various World Air Forces
May 1 completed another 1/72 scale AMK L-29 and an old Bilek Aero L-29 
April 12 completed a pair of Armee de l'Air  Mirage 2000N models.....
April 9 completed the 1/72 Amodel of the Lavochkin LA-250 Anaconda
March 31 completed another 1/72 Kfir TC.2 two seater of Ecuador
March 27 added a 1/72 model of the SU-25 UB Frogfoot
March 22 completed another pair of Mirage 2000 models.....
March 15 completed a brand new Avis 1/72 Fantrainer 
March 4  continued with the 1/72 Mirage 2000 project.....
February 19 completed the newest 1/72 Trumpeter and Zvezda kits of the Mikoyan MiG-29
February 15 started modelling a number of 1/72 kits of the Dassault Mirage 2000 .....
February 6  another pair of 1/72 Alphajets (of the old Airfix)
February 2 completed the 1/72 Sword kit of the Navy Lockheed T2V Seastar
January 24 added another 1/72 MiG-23 kit, a MiG-23UB of Romania
January 7 restored a missing webpage about the MiG-21 in 1/72
December 28 started in the Christmas season modelling the 1/32 scale Kitty Hawk OV-10A Bronco...
December 19 completed a nice 1/72 Special Hobby kit of the TT-1 Pinto
December 5 added two additional models of the Macchi MB-326 jet 
November 18 completed a pair of Sword 1/72 kits of T-28 Trojans
November 11 completed another RV kit in 1/72 of the MiG-23 "Free Libya"
November 10 added F-5E Malaysia, Tunesia, F-5S Singapore and F-5F Kenya in 1/72 scale
November 8 completed more Alpha jets in 1/72
October 26 added another pair of Alpha jets in 1/72
October 21 started with models of Dassault-Breguet / Dornier Alpha Jet in 1/72
October 9 completed another two AMK L-29 Delfins in 1/72 
September 30 continued with the AMK L-29 Delfin 1/72 kit and two
September 10 re-started building a few Aero L-29 kits in 1/72 scale, like the AMK kit
August 24 completed another 1/72 scale Hawk, a mk.129 of Bahrain
August 7 added another 3 1/72 Airfix Jet Provost models 
August 2 completed the Lockheed Martin F-35 in 1/32 scale
July 22 completed the 1/32 T-28 Trojan of "Air America" in Laos 
July 15 continued with the 1/32 T-28 Trojan...
July 9 started with the 1/32 scale Kitty Hawk T-28 Trojan....
July 6 continued with the Italeri F-35A in 1/32 scale
June 19  another 3 models of the K-8 Karakorum  / JL-8
June 15

added a few additional K-8 Karakorum trainer jets in 1/72 scale  and updated the original page...

June 3

continued with the 1/32 scale F-35 

May 23 added a small 1/72 L-29 model a while ago as trainer of the Uganda AF
May 19 completed another 2  1/72 scale F-16 models  of the Royal Netherlands Air Force 
May 1 continued with the 1/32 scale F-35 
April 25 completed a small 1/72 model of the Percival Provost prop trainer
April 16 added 2 F-16 in 1/72 of Indonesia and the KLu Orange Jumper F-16B 
April 8 added a 1/72 MiG-29 model of ICM and re-structured the MiG-29 pages
March 31 continued with the 1/32 scale F-35 Lightning II
March 28 continued with the F-35A in 1/32 looking at accuracy...
March 22
a first view on the brand new Italeri F-35A Lightning II in 1/32 scale
transition to a new computer led to software problems. 
January 31 added another extra 3 F-5A and 4 F-5B models in 1/72; also re-organised the F-5 pages
January 14 added another pair of 1/72 Vampires including the Airfix T.11
January 11 presented are a number of 1/72 scale DH Vampire models....
2016 ..
December 22 finished 1/72 Hobbyboss Grumman F9F-2 Panther of Argentine Aeronaval
December 20 check out my 1/72 Airfix HP Victor review at the IPMS NL site here.....
December 8 a 1/72 Heller model of the Dassault Super Etendard
November 30 another 1/72 scale Northrop F-5A of the Venezuela AF
October 31 the ID Models/ Tigger vacuform 1/32 Saab J29 Tunnan...
October 22 continued with the 1/32 scale Saab J29 Tunnan....
October 19 3 old Matchbox-Revell Strikemasters in 1/72 scale
October 9 another 3 old Airfix Strikemasters....
October 1 the brand new 1/72 Airfix Jet Provost T3
Sept 20 a 1/72 scale Kinetic F-16D of Singapore AF
Sept 14 a special KLu F-16A Tiger and F-16A demo
Sept 9 progress on making the 1/72 Tamiya F-16C
Aug 26 continued with the 1/32 scale Saab J29 Tunnan....
Aug 24 in 1/72 scale a Belgian F-16B, Norge F-16A and Egypt F-16A and preview TAMIYA F-16CJ
Aug 11 another 1/72 Northrop F-5E Tiger II of Mexican AF
Aug 9 made a Harbin H-5 of Albania in 1/72 scale
July 20 another 3 MiG-23 and MiG-27 models in 1/72 scale
July 19 another 2 F-16 models of Bahrain and Turkey
July 4 another 2 Revell F-16C models in 1/72
June 29 a couple of new General Dynamics / Lockheed F-16 models in 1/72 scale
June 15 added another 2 Northrop F-5E Tigers in 1/72 scale
June 7 re-styled the old 1/72 scale pages about the F-5 and F-16, more models to follow
June 5 another 3 L-39 kits in 1/72 scale
May 25 added another few L-39 Albatros models....
May 24 small update on my KLu F-35A page as these aircraft arrived at Leeuwarden AFB, The Netherlands
May 19 started modelling a bunch of Aero L-39 Albatros models in 1/72 scale...
May 16 continued modelling the 1/32 scale SAAB J-29 Tunnan....
April 26 another Mirage V of Gabon
April 25 a 1/72 ART Model of the Soviet MiG YE-8 prototype
April 18 made a 1/72 F-100D Super Sabre of the Turk Hava Kuvvetleri
April 13 another pair of Kfirs....
April 2 added another 1/72 Jaguar: the BAe / RAE Jaguar ACT
March 30 added a T-28 Fennec model of Haiti AF
March 28 two more Kfirs in 1/72 scale
March 18 started modelling IAI Kfir jets in 1/72 scale
March 1 the new Revell 1/72 Avro Shackleton AEW
February 23 started modelling a vacuform model of the SAAB J29 TUNNAN in 1/32 scale
February 12 added another 1/72 Jaguar: conversion to a "M" navale
February 8 started a new series of 1/72 models of the Mikoyan MiG-23 and MiG-27 FLOGGERs
January 29 added a comparison of 1/72 Shackleton kits including the new Revell kit
January 26 another 1/72 scale A-7 of the Thai Navy
January 21  for faster page loading, the 1/72 page has been split for Jets and Propellers and helicopters
January 19, 2016 added another 4 models of the Mikoyan MiG-21 in 1/72 scale....
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