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Hasegawa model in 1/72 scale: kit review & modelling report

The flaps are "dropped", so correct the aft engine pylon and the flaps hinges. 2x3 parts are indicated on the drawing, but I also added 2 inner parts G1 provided with the kit between engine pylon and fuselage.
The Hasegawa kit is now being finished, using one of the kit's schemes provided through decals. 

A good view of the flap and slat configuration.
The hinge lines of the folded wingtips were given a slightly darker colour as was the fin hinge line.

dramatic front view. The inner forward door light is also provided with the kit. The red edge on the engines was painted, with the decal warning tri-angle being used.
Final details added were some no-steps from the spare decal box and some smaller stencilling as seen in pictures.
The A-3B doesn't seem to have antenna wires running from the cockpit to the fin, so these were not added.

The opened air brake can be seen. I also added a remarkable red leading edge decal at the fin as suggested by the kit's instructions... Also note the opened smaller doors at the rear of the tail cone.

Note the opened rear sliding hatch in the canopy roof

[ large picture]
Note also the dropped rear tail bumper; 
the small wheel and actuator were made from a piece from the scrap box.

So the kit, although being very good, got the following modifications: 
- drooped slats 
- drooped flaps 
- opened canopy hatch 
- small hatches opened rear tail area 
- opened air brakes 
- lower air brake left open aft of entry hatch 
- drooped tail bumper 
Finally, on each wing tip and stabilizer tip, and fin tip 3 static dischargers were added.

And yep, another nice kit finished for the USN collection.

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