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Italeri B-66 model in 1/72 scale 
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The model was left alone for quite a while, but now it got a next conversion into an EB-66E destroyer ECM version. The Aerofax Minigraph book has plenty of details shown to make this version.
This requires a number of simple modifications to the model:
(1) the rear tail cone has to be modified with a different shape and a couple of antennas
(2) as much as 30 small blade antennas are to be fitted under the fuselage
(3) a couple of antenna fairings aft of the main undercarriage bay
(4) a couple of triangle antennas next to the cockpit section

First, mod (1) was done. A suitable piece of a cone from the scrap box was obtained and faired in with putty. This was sanded smooth. .

 The smaller antennas and scoops were added later on.

The model was ready for its first paint job
Next step was to give the model an overall typical Vietnam colour scheme of FS36622 lighter grey undersides, FS34102 and FS34079 greens and FS30219 tan. Humbrol colour numbers HU28, HU117, HU116 and HU118 were used respectively.

First mask over the cockpit glass sections, apply the light grey. Mask off the lower areas and than apply the upper colours; the camo scheme was sprayed with a free hand without masking using a fine spray nozzle. 
The engine pods were sprayed separately and were attached later on with there pylons. The same applies for the cut out slats, these were not yet set on the model but sprayed separately. T

After the model got its main paint job, and now was ready for final finishing. Modifications (2,3,4) were now added with various blades made from thin white card.

The cockpit section and lower entry hatch also are nice touches to the model.

Next step will be to find/make decals for a typical Vietnam EB-66E. This will probably be no problem as there are not many markings seen on these planes.

The model was completed.

The various angles of the shots give an impression of the model.

A very nice addition to the collection in 1/72 scale. Have you also seen the US NAVY Skywarrior model?
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