Westland Lynx UH-14A
Dutch Navy (MLD)

Dutch Helicopters in 1/72 scale : kit modelling report Airfix Kit 

The Dutch Navy operates the Westland Lynx  helicopter from frigates for ASW (SH-14) and Rescue and other tasks (UH-14).
The best Lynx in 1/72 is from Airfix. The kit mould has been recently updated to reflect a kit with new blades but the model shown is still the older Airfix kit #03024 from 1976 .

It was even issued with Royal Netherlands Navy air service (MLD) decals but I used the decals sheet from Modeldecal No 44 for a Dutch UH-14A with a machine of MLD no.700 Squadron. 

The Airfix kit is very good, you will only need to replace the engine intake covers, and I put in some cut mesh. You can also as an alternative simply simulate a "fabric cover" by putting on some maskol on the intake and painting it green.

I also corrected the lower side cockpit window, it should be bigger and more rectangular in shape. 

The various antennas and wires were added with sprue and the model was given a coat of gloss Extra Dark Sea Grey and a Sky coloured lower fuselage (British colours). You will need to add a roundel on top of the fuselage just in front of the rotor. 

The upper windows need finally a transparent coat of blue and add the black walk ways. 


In 2002 the Airfix kit was also (re-)issued with the modernized BLURP rotor blades of different shape. The Dutch MLD also uses this blades for the modernized Lynxes. 

The Matchbox kit was issued having the Lynx still in "prototype" form. Replace the main door to get the first correction, but the kit is vastly inferior to the Airfix offering. The Matchbox kit was made way back in the eighties!!!

The older Matchbox kit with KON.MARINE titles hand painted...
finished in Dutch MLD scheme



- IPMS The Netherlands, MIP magazine 1984, number 4 

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and the Dutch IPMS walk around

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