FC-1 Dragon / JF-17 Thunder

JF-17 / FC-1  in 1/72 scale: kit modelling report of the Trumpeter kit

The Pakistans Aeronautical Complex (PAC) developed a multi-role combat aircraft as JF-17 Thunder in conjunction with China's Chengdu aircraft corporation (CAC) that calls it the FC-1 Dragon. Fitted with one engine and 1 pilot, the roles are intercepton, ground attack and reconnaissance so a large variey of stores can be deployed. The top speed is about MACH 1.6 and first flight was in 2003. The Pakistan air force started introduction in 2010 and the type is still in production and development.
jf-17 trumpeter 1/72 box 
Trumpeter of China released this 1/72 scale kit #01657 in 2010. It has about 100 crisp parts that are nicely engineered and also an etched metal fret for mainly the engine exhaust and cockpit parts. Even small mirrors are provided.

The weapons provided are quite comprehensive and include fuel tanks, Chinese PL-12 missiles, PL-5 missiles and PL-9 missiles.

Kit decals are for 3 schemes:
(1) Pakistan AF in a grey camouflage;
(2) Pakistan AF is a sort of aniversary scheme with green, white and red;
(3) Prototype ;
These schemes and the weapon colours are shown on seperate colour pages.

Assembly was done almost straight out of the box. I did not have a lot of info about the aircraft so assumed that Trumpeter had access as a Chinese model company to a real aircraft. (and most of their Chinese model subjects look good).

The instruction steps are a bit unlogical, many detailed parts are better added at later stages.
Some filler was needed. I use in most cases Alabastine white car filler.
Parts fit is good and that shows that Trumpeter manages the kit mould quality very well. Some smaller gaps such as the vertical tail base were filled with White Glue. 

The model was after the main assembly was done a grey base coat. I airbrushed Revell aqua 75 steingrau acrylic paint thinned with 60% aqua thinner.
After that all looked OK, it was time for the grey camouflage.
I picked scheme "A" as per kit as used these acrylic paints:
- overall first approx FS36375 airbrushing Gunze Sangyo H308;
- darker grey
FS367320 airbrushing Gunze Sangyo H307;
The radar nose got a darker grey/blue colour.

It was unclear what colours the gear bay interiors are. I settled with the lower colour FS36375 with some black wash.
The exhaust and interior with etch metal bits is a highlight of this kit. Once assembled it looks great. It was given various coats of burned metal.
The kit decals were now applied. They are excellent.
Landing gears were set in place along with PL-12 missile, a PL-2 on the wing tip and fuel tanks.

The flying surfaces' edges were given a light wash with very thinned black paint and some panels were marked with a soft pencil. Anti-collision lights were painted on the wing and pitots of the etched metal fret added.

I covered the model also with a few coats of gloss, in this case with Johnson Future/Pledge FloorCare acrylic. 
future pledge  
The seat was installed after it got the painted etched metal harnasses. The canopy frames were painted and inside are 3 small etched fret mirrors. All was set and that completed the model.

JF-17 Thunder  Pakistan
map map
falg  PAF

Pakistan air force was established in 1947. It was involved in various conflicts with neighbor India and tensions are still there after so many years. It was supported by the USA in those days. In the 1960s jet aircraft like the F-86, F-104 and B-57 played an important role. Also other Western aircraft were purchased like Gnats and Mirage III attack aircraft.
The regional wars like in Afghanistan and terrorist threats still plays an unstabilizing role.
The K-8 Karakorum was developed with China were it is known as the Hongdu JL-8. Over 60 K-8 trainers are probably used. Meanwhile many Mirage III/ V are in service along with Chengdu F-7 fighters. Other aircraft are a large variety of transports and trainers like the T-37 and PAC MFI-17 basic trainers and many helicopters.
More recent modern F-16s were supplied by the USA and their own Pakistan JF-17 Thunder entered service enhancing fighting capabilities. 



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