Gulfstream G.IV
Royal Netherlands Air Force
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Gulfstream G.IV: Welsh vacuform model in 1/72 scale
Modelling report


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Finishing the model
Several white coats were applied to the overall airframe. Polish between the different coat application to achieve a gloss white finish. 
The leading edges were covered with Bare metal Foil. Rubb these down with a piece of wood  and cut with a very sharp fresh blade. 

The red and blue cheatline of 1,2 mm wide were made from Xtradecal striping decals cut to size. For the roundels, I used those from a Dutch Decal set.

All other markings were home made. I gathered pictures of the real thing and squadron badges from internet. These were made to size with a picture editor on the computer. Next, they were printed on white decal sheet for Inktjet printers from the "Bare Metal Foil" brand. After printing, the ink was protected with some sprayed coats of Johnson Future/Pledge. 

I made an instruction sheet as requested by some IPMS modellers and printed some extra decals.

The decals were applied to the model and the final touches were adding tiny navigation lights, the antenna's and adding Tamiya SMOKE pain to the window decals. 

After drying and clean up an overall protective coat was sprayed of gloss Johnson Future/ Pledge. This completed the Gulfstream G.IV in the collection representing the RNeth AF "V-11" of 334 squadron. 


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