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1/32 scale vacuform:  ID Models (Tigger)  SAAB J29 Tunnan
kit review / modelling report

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The canon fairings were already added on the nose. The opened up canon bay at the lower nose section was now detailed. 
I had trouble finding very detailed photos, but a few YouTube J29 films offered an idea and some screen shots were made. See the scrap page...
There are two access hatches for each bay and inside are on the real L29 Tunnan  2 x 20mm M47 Automatkanons....

I used 2 spare canons from my 1/32 Tamiya P-51 and added black ammo boxes and ammofeeds found in the spares box. The canon barrels were aligned in line with the nose canon fairings.

The wing tip pitot tubes were set in place, these were made from metal needles and tubing. 
The wing tip trailing edge and wing tip front leading edge anti-collision lights were made of clear plastic that was polished. They were "blended in" with Micro Kristal Kleer. 

The J29 has an adjustable horizontal stabilizer. On my model it is tilted down, so some slots and gaps were suggested with black paint. 
Final details were the often seen lowered landing lights combo below the J29 nose. This was made with metal foil and "glass glitters" from the hobby store.

The model got a slight wash using PROMODELLER acrylic black and of AK "NATO vehicles" enamel set in place with a fine brush at moving surface edges and in enscribed panels and inside wheel bays and gears. Next was installing the nose gear and the main wheels. The gears doors that had been made and detailed inside with panels and stringers were set in place as well as the open hatches.
The nose wheel and strut are also seen here...
The hatches and doors are well seen here...
Also small tail bumper below the jet pipe was set in place made from rod. It has on the real J29 a rubber tip.

A nice sort of model setting with some accessoires would be nice. First I opted to add a helmet temporarily left by a pilot on the windscreen edge in conjunction with a ladder. The helmet was found in the spares box and painted looking at photos.

The canopy was set in place in an aft opened position. The canopy was fixed in place with white glue.
.. ..
A ladder would be a nice addition on the scene. Two ladder parts were found in the spares box and one ladder made looking at photos. It  extends and bends over the wing leading edge.
The ladder would get a red paint. 

Finally a crew chief figure was added. My modelling friend George was on vacation from the Dutch Antilles island of Curacao. He wanted to paint the figure which came from the 1/32 TAMIYA P-51D kit. He painted several layers of different oil paints and mixed these on a pallet. Finally, a wash was also added.
All "accessoires" are ready to be posed next to the 1/32 J29 Tunnan!

j-29 1/32 id models tigger vacu..

The Swedish air force ("Flygvapnet") was established mid 1926. Types were Nieuports, Farmans and a mix of others including Swedish Thulin and purchased Fokkers and Heinkels. Sweden managed to stay out of many wars including the Second World War. The Cold War emerged in 1946 and while Sweden kept the neutral position, it understood it needed to keep modern armed forces. Jet aircraft were taken into development by the SAAB company like the J21 and the successful J29 Tunnan. The forces were dispersed at various locations including shelters inside mountains with in 1960 over 1,000 combat capable aircraft being a relatively large force considering the number of inhabitants. 
Some 224 J29A and later 360 J29B, over 70 J29C and refurbished J29F Tunnans were used. Several incidents occurred especially with intruding MiG aircraft over the Baltic Sea. During the Cold War modern aircraft were the Saab Draken and later the Viggen.
At the collapse of the Soviet block, armed forces were drastically reduced. Currently about 170 aircraft are in service and the Saab Gripen is the most modern fighter aircraft. Transports are the C-130, Saab 340, Saab 105 trainers and a mix of Gulfstreams and various helicopters. Main Flypvapnet bases are at Satenas/Lidkoping, Kallinge, Lulea and Malmen/Linkoping. 
J-29 sweden 1/32 scale model




j29 1/32
j-29 up




 .. . The different panels and shades are well seen here


  in sceneries...

. .. 

      SAAB J29A Tunnan of F13 wing of the "Svenska Flygvapnet" based at Norrkoping 
in the air base mountain shelter...


. on a foreign visit...

A nice and unique 1/32 scale SAAB J29 TUNNAN model is now in the collection! A lot of work but also a lot of modelling pleasure!

NOTE: I have seen that FLY Models announced a 1/32 injection kit of the J-29 for 2017. Oh well, it happened before that a model was announced after I completed a difficult vacu kit!  

March 2022 the Fly kit was finally released but seems that the nose intake is about 3 mm too wide. 


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