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Some info I discovered while researching references and the internet for building my J29 model

       photo: Courtesy Aviation Week 1952

The SAAB model 29 was a jet fighter designed by SAAB after the Second World War and it was in the era that the jet emerged. The Saab design team started in 1946 led by Lars Brising, using German research data on the swept-wings, a new phenomenon to  "postpone" the sound barrier. The SAAB 29 prototype flew for the first time on 1 September 1948 and the test pilot was an Englishman, Robert Moore who had some experience with jets. Four prototypes were made. It later got the designation J29 Tunnan ("Flying Barrel"). 

Quickly, the J29A went into production in 1951 for the Swedish Air Force as the Cold War emerged and Sweden remaining "neutral". 

The first J29A had a 4 canon Hispano armament and was delivered May 1953 to F13 wing at Norrkoping. Training pilots was quite difficult with no two seater and adverse Dutch roll behaviour during landing. Many accident occurred over the years. The J29A had limited fuel capacity and thus range and 224 aircraft were manufactured till 1953. The J29B got a "wet wing" with more fuel and first flew March 1953 with 332 built. 

Than followed the J29D with afterburner but only 1 made and than the J29E fighter. The wing got a "saw tooth" / outboard wing leading edge extension for higher speed, a wing fence and the slat was deleted. Twenty-nine J29E were built with the new wing. 

The S-29C was a reconnaissance version with usually 5 camera's fitted in the lower fuselage nose with 76 aircraft manufactured.

The J29F was to become the final standard with the Svenska Flygmotor RM2B engine and afterburner. Some 210 older J29B/E Tunnans were converted from 1954-1956 to the new "F" standard and the new wing fitted. The first J29F flew March 1954 and it could also fire the AIM-9B Sidewinder ("Rb-24" licensed) missile. 

A special assignment for the Swedish J29 was when several aircraft were stationed in the Republic of Congo for a UN peacekeeping mission (ONUC) in 1961-1962 to fight the rebel Katanga force. 

Also, some 30 refurbished J29F Tunnans were sold to Austria in 1961 where they remained in service until 1972. It was the only foreign sale of the type but bear in mind that Sweden ensured it kept a "neutral position".

The J29F remained in Swedish operational use as a fighter until 1967 but some aircraft soldiered on as target tugs and various smaller roles. 
General J29 data: 
Length: 10.23 m 
Wingspan: 11.0 m 
Height: 3.75 m 
Empty weight about 4800 kg with max takeoff weight 8375 kg.
Svenska Flygmotor RM 2 turbojet with 5,000 - 6,070 lbf thrust (afterburner)
Performance:  a maximum speed of about 1,060 km/hr, a ceiling of 15,500 m and range about 1,100 km. 
Armament: 4x20mm Hispano Mk. V cannons and also 3 inch air-to-air rockets (not on recon S-29C). The J29F could fire 2 Rb-24 Sidewinder type air-to-air missiles and various air-to-ground rockets. 

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Some info on the J29 Flight Manual including some info on the cockpit and performance


Ejection Seat  "Raketstol

Some info on the JET ENGINE For the jet engine, assistance with the jet engine came from Great Britain, with advice on the De Havilland Ghost jet engine with some 5,000 lb thrust. The derived engine was the Svenska Flygmotor RM 2 with about 27KN thrust.


An article in Americ magazine AVIATION WEEK 1952

     and an advertisement in Aviation Week 1953....


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IPMS Nederland J29 Walkaround

YouTUbe films:  and part 2-5

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