Aero L-39 Albatros
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Review / Modelling  report
Aero L-39 Albatros in 1/72 scale kit review and modelling report: EDUARD kits

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Another few Eduard L-39 kits were made in 1/72 scale as described earlier.

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This kit was made as a L-39 of the Ukraine Air Force which sports a sort of "digital" camouflage pattern. This scheme is available as a decal sheet #33160 from BS Modelle.
assembly  75 aqua
The basic model was assembled as usual, needed some putty and sanding and got a base coat of Revell Aqua steingrau 75.  
Next came a paint scheme of Gunze Sangyo Mr Hobby H307 (FS36320) acrylic at the lower surfaces and a grey pattern of Gunze Sangyo H338 (FS36495).  
bs modelle l-39
There are a few BS decal sheets provided in the set but no instructions where to put these numbered decals. It could also not be found in their website. A "correction sheet" is also in the set.
I saw photos though of Ukrainian L-39 with different "digital" patterns. The aircraft coded "blue 73" was picked.
Based on the decal drawings, the individual decals were set on the model.
The BS decals for the Ukrainian roundels are a bit translucent, so I replaced these with other roundels found in the spare decals box.
l-39 bs modelle
The cockpit canopies were set open and the cockpit detailed. Seats got harnesses and instrument panels painted.

A black anti-glare panel and smaller bits like anti-collision lights painted. Many static dischargers were added made form bits of fishing line and pitot tubes made from metal needles added.

map flag   roundel
[area: 603,000 | population: 41,4 million | capital: Kiev | GDP 4,000 USD nominal per capita ]

For more information about the Ukraine air force, look at the SU-27 page here...

l-39 ukraine jet 
Ukraine L-39 "digital" as flown from Odessa, 2013
jet ukraine air force
ukraine jet
l-39 ukraine
ukraine l-39


It appears that a L-39 was acquired through Uganda by the "South Sudan" armed forces. A few vague photos were found on the internet and no national markings were seen. But it also has a "digital" camouflage pattern which is however different as the one seen on the Ukrainian L-39. The digital pattern was home drawn on the PC with a graphics program looking at photos and custom laserprinted on a clear sheet. All patterns had to be cut out.
south sudan l-39
The model got a paint scheme with about FS36495 for which Gunze Sangyo H338 Mr Hobby acrylic paint was airbrushed. Than a gloss varnish coat airbrushed and than the decals were added. No roundels or flags were seen on the L-39 aircraft.

The canopies were set closed and the small gaps at the frames closed with white glue. Paint when dried. A black anti-glare panel and smaller bits like anti-collision lights painted. 
Many static dischargers were added made form bits of fishing line and pitot tubes made from metal needles added on the wing leading edges.
south sudan map    ss
[ area: 644,300 | population: 12 million | capital: Juba | GDP ~USD 250 per capita nominal ?? ]

South Sudan became after an agreement with Sudan in the North an independent country in 2011. The White Nile runs through it with large swamp areas. It is very poor with still many troubles. The armed forces got a single Beech 1900, a few Mi-17 helicopters in 2011 and later Mi-24 and an AN-26 transport. It appears a few L-39 were acquired (ex- private USA ?) through Uganda without any national markings. The base is at the capital Juba. 

l-39 south sudan air force
L-39 from the South Sudan armed forces, 2020.  
south sudan l-39 uganda   
south sudan l-39
juba l-39 south sudan
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