Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15
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1/72 scale kits of the MiG-15  (NATO "fagot") 

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Another pair of 1/72 Eduard
MiG-15UTI "Midget" kits were made in the same way as described on the previous page. The kit was #7055 that has decals for no less than 5 air forces: Algeria, CzechoSlovakia, Finland, USSR and Indonesia (though the last one looks to be inaccurate).
7055 eduard

NOTE: I first wanted to make the Indonesian MiG-15UTI. But could not find any photo evidence of the real aircraft coded "1101", also not in serial reference books. It seems that in fact the aircraft coded "1101" was a MiG-17 that had these codes.

MiG-15UTI  Finland 

This UTI model got after assembly a base grey coat Revell aqua 75 acrylic to check for any flaws but none were found whatso ever, this kit fits well.
The Finish MiG-15 UTI had as many various air forces a metal scheme. This was achieved with ALCLAD as described earlier on page 2 for more info "how to"

Only a few markings were used on the Finland UTI's and the Eduard set #7055 provides decals. I added also most of the red stencilling as well.
Inside the cockpit various details were now set such as ejection seats. Most MiG-15's had a mid grey cockpit interior. The seat armour plate is metallic and the headrest, seat cushions leather black. Seat straps usually olive and/or medium brown. The instrument panel was mainly black or very dark grey with black boxes on the sides. The areas below the canopy are also mid grey and at the windscreen anti glare black. On the canopy canopy edges small locking bits were added.
Some weathering was done with a pencil with grey pastel and it got long antenna wire made from very thin fishing line and also an additional small antenna on the spine.

Finland  / Suomi
map flag  roundel
[ area: 338,000 sq.km | population: 5,5 million | capital: Helsinki | GDP 50,000 USD per capita nominal ]

More information about Finland's "Ilmavoimat" can be seen on the
MiG-21 page here...
Probably 4 MiG-15UTI were supplied from the Soviet Union from 1962. This model has the "Lynx" marking of the 31 squadron. The positions of the roundels and buzz numbers varied over the years on these aircraft. This MU-3 was delivered end 1962 but crashed on November 27, 1970.
mig-15uti suomi
    Ilmavoimat MiG-15UTI  code " MU-3 "  


finland mig-15 uti

set in a scenery...

hank suomi mig-15

Another 1/72 Eduard  MiG-15UTI model was made, now of the Cambodian air force in South East Asia. End 1963 saw the first arrival of 3 MiG-17 fighters as well a pair of MiG-15UTI trainers. A few years later a MiG-15UTI Chinese copy FT-2 trainer was delivered in probably 1965 as China provided military support.

The book "Soviet and Russian military aircraft in Asia" of Gordon and Kommissarov shows a photo on page 63 of a grey FT-2.
The model first got a base coat of a base grey coat using Revell aqua 75 "steingrau" with the airbrush. Next, model got a grey FS36118 with Gunze Sangyo H305 acrylic and the red tip panels and nose ring Revell aqua 330 red.
cambodia mig-15
The number decals came the spares box of a Trumpeter K-8 Karakorum set. The wing fuel tanks were kept in a metal colour and the Cambodia roundels came from a Microscale 72-102 MiG-17 decalset. They are I think the correct size. Their orientation on the wing was "guestimated".

The cockpit interior was painted mid grey. The seat cushions leather black with seat straps usually olive and/or medium brown. The instrument panel was mainly black or very dark grey with black boxes on the sides. The areas below the canopy are also mid grey and at the windscreen anti glare black. 
ft-2 cambodia
The nose number was sprayed over with grey. The long wire antenna and an extra blade antenna on the spine were set also.
cockpit cambodia ft-2

As usual, the model got a semi-dull varnish coat airbrushing Johnson Future / Pledge with some 5% mixed in Tamiya X-21 Flat Base and the mix
thinned with 40% Iso Propyl Alkohol (IPA). This gives an even semi-dull sheen and protects the decals. That completed this model.

map    flag \     old <- current
roundel 1   kmer
several roundels used during the various regimes.

[ area: 181.000 sq.km | capital:  Phnom Penh | 15,7 million inhabitants | GDP  $1,300 per capita nominal ]

Cambodia also called Kampuchea became independent in 1953. More information about its history can be seen here...

This Royal Khmer FT-2 has code 2832 and was delivered probably in 1965.

cambodia ft-2
ft-2 cambodia
upper view FT-2 Kampuchea
Kampuchea FT-2 Mig-15 UTI

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