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1/72 scale kits of the Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 
kit review / modelling report

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The old model brand KP  of which a old MiG-21MF was made (see page 1....). The brand was re-instated as a new Kovozavody Prostejov ("new KP"). In fact, it is a whole new model firm that "bought" the name for commercial reasons.

3-pack mig-21 kp box

In 2019 a joy pack #KPM0105 was released by the "new KP" with 3 MiG-21 1/72 kits. The kits inside are NOT the old KP kits, but others. It appears that co-operation has been sought with RV Models. Some of the part sprues are similar (though strangely with other part numbers) and some sprues are new. Some RV Models MiG-21 kits were built previously, see page 2...

The "joy pack" has the basic parts for 1 MiG-21 MF, 1 MiG-21 MA and 1 MiG-21 R (recon.).
No decals are provided, no resin and no etched metal. The idea is that the modellers will source these from many after market brands. Obviously I had loads of spare decals, spare parts and information to make these kits. You can also opt to make for example 2 MF models. 

The "new KP" instructions in the joy pack are printed in colour but a bit small. Some drawings are a bit inconsistent as some parts are different than illustrated. 
The instructions indicate the versions as "R1, R2, R3" to distinguish between them.  
As noted, some sprues are similar to those found in RV Model kits.
3X for 3 models! (The R recon.pod can be seen on the right)
3X for 3 models, this sprue is similar to RV!  It has the choice for wing with the re-enforcement panels or the older wing
(Note: also transparant parts, not photographed...)

It was decided to make these 3 kits for the "World Air Forces in Plastic" series as follows:
[1] MiG-21 MA of the Sudan air force
[2] MiG-21 R  reconnaissance of the Eritrea air force
[3] MiG-21 MF of the Laos air force
Summary of what was done with these kits:

The basic construction is the same as described earlier RV models on page 2..... 

Colour details in the cockpit were painted
Soviet standard "emerald green" using AKAN 73005 acrylic. The instrument panels were suggested with decals and spare parts. The instrument coaming #28 should be trimmed a bit, otherwise the windshield does not fit.

I did not fit the nose ring #14 as the intake of the kit seems a bit too small in diameter. The assembly requires for all 3 kits careful alignment of parts. I had some spare etched metal parts so used these such as for wing fences which are a bit thick in the kit.
Main assembly was done first. Putty and sanding is needed in places. The lower pair of air brakes #18,19 do not fit well. Sand thin, use filler.
 aqua 75
A base grey coat was airbrushed using Revell 75 steingrau Aqua to check for any issues before any main paint scheme.

[1] MiG-21 M of the Sudan air force

The first new KP MiG-21 kit was made as a model of the Sudan air force. The book "Soviet and Russian Military Aircraft in Africa" (see ref.) "African MiGs/ Volume 2" shows this aircraft on page 115. Sudan acquired some from 1969, Soviet aircraft were starting to be delivered like at least 18 MiG-21M and various Antonov transports. 

The model got also the pylons and central gun fairing. The Sudan MiGs often have a bare metal scheme. I used the ALCLAD II method.
So first, a gloss black undercoat was applied with the airbrush, this improves the look of the finish as base colour. Next, in order to get different sheenes some panels were masked.
alclad  tape
Next, a few coats of ALCLAD II "highly polished aluminium" were airbrushed. Than the smaller masking tapes were removed so less metal coat is applied; this gives a slightly different colour of the various panels of the airframe as on the real MiG. 

sudan mig-21

The various flat antenna panels were painted Revell Aqua 361 green.

Sudan roundels came from a Berna MiG-29 decal set 72-032. The Arab numbers were spare decals from an AMK L-29 set but can also be hand painted with a fine brush in black. Smaller stencils in mostly black (and a few in red) for natural metal MiGs were added obtained from the Eduard MiG-21 kit.


The undercarriage was fitted with some hydraulics made from metal wire. The model was completed as usual. A pair of probably what are small FAB bombs from the Eduard kit were added.  

A gloss coat was set over the model using a mix of Johnson Future / Pledge floor care thinned with plain 30% alkohol. 

The canopy does not have the central rear view mirror and was fitted after the frames were painted.

sudan map old flag old roundel
   <  various flags and roundels in the last decades of Sudan >

For information about the Sudan Air Force look at the MiG-23 page here...

sudan mig-21ma
Sudan acquired some from 1969, Soviet aircraft were starting to be delivered like at least 18 MiG-21M and various Antonov transports. This MiG coded "344" was delivered in 1974. It was overhauled in Yugoslavia mid 1980s and flew than for decades to come. It was still seen in 2010 as an instructional airframe at the main Sudan base of Wadi Sayyidna.
  MiG-21  M Sudan
sudan mig-21 ma
side view
sudan mig-21 ma
[2] MiG-21R  reconnaissance of the Eritrea air force

The second kit of the new KP MiG-21 3-pack was made as a model of the single "MiG-21R" reconnaissance "Fishbed" of Eritrea. (Check out
the excellent book "African MiGs", see ref.  Volume 2 by Tom Cooper / page 148).

The "MiG-21R" has the special wing tip fairings #26, 27 and the large recon pod below the fuselage, these are all parts in the kit. The gaps between the large recon pod and fuselage were closed with white glue. Also add wing pylons as desired, I set 4 in place. The air brakes would be set open.

The edges between any camouflage colours are soft. Do mask with some tape and paper during airbrushing to avoid overspray. Colours airbrushed were these acrylics:
- lower areas 
light blue with AKAN 73008  acrylic
Mask and than the upper areas...
- olive drab with Revell Aqua 364
- red earth / brown  Revell Aqua 85

Before applying the decals, airbrush a gloss varnish coat with e.g. Johnson Future/ Pledge to avoid "silvering".

Eritrea roundels came from the very nice Berna set 72-76 "MiG-21 African air forces Part 1". 

Smaller stencils in mostly light blue (and a few in red) typically for camouflaged aircraft were added obtained from the Eduard MiG-21 kit. I suggested the larger camera windows on the pod with grey decals.   

On the outher pylons the standard 490 liters tanks were fitted.  

Smaller details and undercarriage fitted. Airbrushed overall was a semi-matt varnish with the usual technique: a mix of Johnson Future / Pledge thinned with plain 30% alkohol and 10% Tamiya Flat base. Canopy was set in place and that completed this nice model.

map   flag     new roundel   

[ area: 117,600 sq.km | capital: Asmara | population: 6 million | GDP per capita US$ 1250 nominal ]

From 1889 Italy claimed in North East Africa areas of Ethiopia and Somalia as a colony. In the 1930s Mussolini and Italian firms increased their grip because of great economic interests. During the Second World War in 1941 the British expelled the Italians and took over control and administration.
In the 1950s Emperor Haile Selassie convinced the United Nations to establish the country of Ethiopia with Eritrea as a province and he ruled until 1974. Meanwhile Eritrean ethnic groups wanted independence and regularly revolted during some 30 years and in Ethiopia a marxist Derg group emerged. The marxists were removed from power in Addis Abbeba (Ethiopia) by the TPLF coalition group in 1991 and it was agreed with groups of the EPLF that the Eritrea province would become autonomous. At the same time the Ethiopean air base at Asmara was taken over by Eritreans. On the base were several Ethiopian aircraft like a dozen MiG-21, MiG-23, F-5A, F-86, T-33 and Mi-24 though most were unserviceable. The Eritreans managed to put a single MiG-21bis and a MiG-21R back to flying condition in September 1991 as well as a pair of Mi-24 Hinds.

In 1993 the Eritrean province gained the long sought internationally recognized independence after a UNOVER referendum and a settlement with Ethiopia.
The country of Eritrea has been governed ever since by single  leftist marxist party under one president. An air force was formally set-up and half a dozen new MB339 jets were obtained from Italy as well as 5 Harbin Y-12 transport aircraft from China. Basic Valmet L-90TP trainers were also bought from Finland.
Tensions with Ethiopia remained however particularly in the border region resulting in the Badme war from May 1998 to June 2000. During that war from 1999 Eritrea acquired 10 MiG-29 fighters from Russia in response as Ethiopia purchased SU-27 Flankers.... (The rumoured acquisition of extra MiG-29's from Moldovia and SU-25's from Georgia never happened). As of 2003 also Eritrea acquired small numbers of refurbished SU-27 "Flanker" fighters from the Ukraine.

A more or less stable relation between Eritrea and Ethiopia was just established July 2018.

The Eritrean helicopter fleet has a Mi-8, a dozen Mi-17 and Bell 412.
The main air force base is at the capital Asmara with other bases at Barentu, Asseb and Massawa. 
eritrea mig-21r
The single Eritrean MiG-21R coded "ER-101" that was put into flying condition from September 1991; the only other MiG-21 flying also was a "bis" coded "ER-102"
mig-21r eritrea
Now a special and pretty rare foreign MiG-21R recon. version is in the "World air forces in plastic" collection....

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