Bell V-22 Osprey

Bell V-22 Osprey:  Italeri kit in 1/72 scale 


The Bell XV-22 Osprey was a design to get a VTOL aircraft capable of high horizontal speeds by using a rotating large propeller/rotor. The XV-22 first flew in 1989 and although being a good design in itself, it has suffered a lot of teething problems. The V-22 is nowadays finally being deployed by US armed forces after lots and lots of problems.... 

The model in 1/72 is from Italeri, kit  #068 was released in 1989 and several boxes appeared.

The parts lay-out is seen here:  

layout of parts  

The model was made as the "prototype", with white finish with dayglow panels. I opened the entrance door and made the striping and decals myself.

The white coats were airbrushed and after maksing the dayglow (with some decals).

The model represents the Bell XV-22 prototype:

 All markings were home made using spare decals and painting.

Detailing was done by adding an interior and static dischargers. The cabin door was also opened up behind the cockpit. 

V-22 Osprey 


V-22 up 1/72 scale

  ... in a setting at Edwards AFB...

Bell V-22 Edwards


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