Hawker Sea Hawk FGA mk.4
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Sea Hawk model in 1/72 scale :
MPM and Hobbyboss kits

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The Sea Hawk was in 2001 a nice newcomer from MPM in 1/72, the other kit being the very old Airfix kit in this scale seen below.... (mid 2011, Hobbyboss released an even better 1/72 Sea Hawk model as well, see page 3)

The kit presented here is the MPM kit no. 72094. The kit is very fine, with some 35 parts and a good canopy. 


parts bag

The decals look good and are for schemes for two FAA no. 806 on HMS Centaur and no. 810 NAS HMS Albion and and India Navy no. 300 squadron at INS Vikrant aircraft. 


The kit accuracy is good and you will get a fine model in the end. (note: the later Special Hobby kit is the same mould). 

   MPM kit parts and references

SIDE NOTE: an old Airfix kit from 1957 was also in my collection: very basic but not so bad for its days, made way back in the seventies. Dutch IPMS decals issued at that time were used, the aircraft being finished in the Dutch Naval air service (MLD) scheme

As modelled decades ago...

.... continued with the new MPM kit.....


  the intake with guiding vanes added

  fitting the aft tail section

  added cut-in slot near intake on top of fuselage and canopy sliding groove

Improvements suggested:
- The recessed panellines are a bit too fine; I rescribed some of them, especially on the flying surfaces.

- the intakes are too simple and you can see through... The Seahawk has an older style engine intake with guide vanes. Add these from card;
- I also added the splitter plate at the intakes; cut a slot and in the front end add the plate. The rear end of the slot is the boundary layer gap.

- cut in the gun fairings slots and make 4 holes for the guns in the lower forward fuselage 
- the rear fuselage needs some attention as its diameter is slightly too small to nicely fit the forward sections. Only glue at the rear and adjust to fit the forward contour later on.

- add weight in the nose!

- the cockpit will benefit from some more detailing; the seat headrest is too small and the seat should be slightly more forward in the cockpit tub;  correct this.

- add the sliding slots with a scalpel at the base of the canopy in the aft fuselage area.
- cut in the gaps at the flying surfaces with a razor blade
- add the various smaller intakes and scopes.

Decals allows you to choose between an RNavy 810 NAS or 806 Squadron mk. 4 aircraft or an Indian Navy 300 squadron aircraft. The Indian roundels are unfortunately incorrect.

Commercial decal sets will come soon I guess. 

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- Warpaint 29: Sea Hawk, Hall park books, UK (released summer 2001)
- 4+ publications, Sea Hawk  (released summer 2001)
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and web: the real Sea hawk on my site.

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