Northrop XB-35 Flying wing

Northrop XB-35 Flying wing model in 1/72 scale 
Jack Northrop designed from 1941 a flying wing bomber. Envisaged as being very efficient with no "dragging" fuselage, it was supposed to be an intercontinental bomber reaching Europe from the US.

But not earlier than June 1946, this XB-35 Flying Wing bomber made the first flight. Four Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major engines each drove a pair of four-bladed pushing props ("Y" type), the later version having the counterrotating props ("X" type). 

The XB-35 had directional problems and had a very small center of gravity range, big issues for a bomber. Its long propeller driveshafts gave tremendous cooling problems.

A later variant with bigger fins and jet engines as the YB-49 flew later. The flying wing was however never put into production, the after war B-47 being preferred as a straight conventional bomber.

The Flying wing model is from AMT / ERTL and is in 1/72 scale; the model was released mid nineties. It is an excellent model, the only difficulty being to finish it nicely in bare metal!  You only need to add some tiny arials next to a large nose weight to prevent "tail sitting". 

The model was made straight out of the box. Photo's made in 2000 !

The cockpit is small but was detailled nevertheless with some seat straps etc.

The kit's nose undercarriage is very very weak. I added a solid transparant plastic piece between tyre and strut to strengthen it. Also: add plenty of weight here!

The dramatic view of the XB-35 .... you feel you're standing next to it!

The front view. The AMT kit's cooling intakes respresentation in the wing leading edge was made darker with paint, but actually drilling them all out would be nicer...
A more detailled look at the later counter rotating double props.

Final paints were from Testors metalizers with various shades used and  requires carefull polishing. Take time to do this!



Best reference:  

Jack Northrop's Flying wings, Schiffer publications. 

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Created December 7, 2000