Yakovlev YAK-25 in 1/72 scale
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1/72 scale kits of the Yakovlev YAK-25 : various Amodel kits and Red Hurricane
kit review / modelling report

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Another Amodel kit is for the YAK-25 RV-II. 
"76 yellow" as in the kit was probably the prototype for the target drone with extra antennas and fairings. Note that the Yak-25 RV-II has a pitot and 2 antennas at the nose and a sort of antenna at the tail end (reconnaissance "Mandrakes" had a single pitot tube). The drone RV-II was not intended to be live fired upon and was used for training ground based SAM sites to intercept high altitude flying aircraft  (e.g... U-2 ?) . 

On to the AModel kit....  The kit particulars and assembly notes are similar as described on page 1..... 

I added a metal spar made out of a bicycle wheel spar. Holes were drilled at the wing-fuselage mating surface and the spar will run a considerable length into the lef-wing halve - fuselage - right wing halve.


Also here, first fit the nacelles onto the wing before proceeding further. There is a bit plastic shrinkage at the wing tip fairings, fill this up and sand smooth. 

In order to fit the horizontal tail plane, enlarge the gap to fit it in. I was not unsure what part #67 at the tail was, but simply added it. Is it a drone antenna for the RV-II ? 


Note the considerable amounts of filler along all joints...

The ALCLAD II system was used as well, see notes above.

After applying the metallic like paint, the details were added. Decals were as per kit.

The 3 pitots and probes typical for the YAK-25 RV-II are seen here and were made of metal needles.

Note also the slightly different panels using the trick as described above....

Note that here the outrigger wheels retract forward. The slightly different metal panels are seen as well. 

Probably both outrigger wheels should touch the ground? Nothing can be done here at my model as it has a metal spar added... so check for your own model.

YAK-25 RV-II with the fairing below fuselage and extra antenna's 

A nice model in the Soviet collection of the Mandrake.... 

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