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Another Hasegawa two seater Jaguar kit was made. The 1/72 kit was discussed on page 3.... 

[10]  Jaguar BN

It was finished in a scheme of a Jaguar BN of the Nigeria Air Force. I had a very nice decals from Model Alliance set 72138 with markings with a wrap around camouflage scheme.

The kit was made straight out of the box similar to the RAF type T2. The colours airbrushed were these acrylic paints:

Overall first brown/sand Revell Aqua 314 
Medium green Gunze Sangyo 302 "FS34092" 
Darker green Gunze Sangyo 330 "BS381C/641"

Decals only have the larger markings so the smaller "no step" stencilling came from kit decals. In the cockpit some extra details were added. On the spine, the RAF pair of antennas are installed. The gear got some extra hydraulics with thin wire. The pitot tube was replaced with a metal needle. 



map flag  .  roundel

[ area: 924,769 | population: 267 million | capital: Abuja | GDP USD 2,400 per capita nominal ]

In 1984 Nigeria purchased some 18 Sepecat Jaguars attack aircraft (13 SN single seaters and 5 BN two seaters). But the Jaguars seemed to be bought for "show of force" publicity but in fact were flown only very limited and made just a few flying hours. It appears they only flew sometimes with the fuel tanks and were mostly seen with "empty pylons". 

For more details about the Nigeria Air Force, look at the Alphajet page here...

Sepecat Jaguar BN, Nigeria Air Force (NAF), manufac. ID GBR G-27-390, coded NAF 703, based at Makurdi base in the center of the country in the 1980's. 

NAF Jaguar   


jaguar nigeria

jagaqur nigeria air force

           .... Makurdi base in Nigeria 


jaguar T2 NAF Nigeria

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