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1/72 scale kits of the Dassault MD.452 Mystere IV
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After built the Matchbox kit, Revell released in 2003 the same kit in another box #04320 with different decals.
Decals are for 2 escadrons of the French Armée de l'Air: 
- Patrouille de France aerobatic team, at Dijon-Longvic, 1961;
- EC 1/7 , Languedoc 7-CP , Nancy-Ochey, 1966.

decals 04320

It was decided to do a simple build for another scheme for one of the other users of the Mystere: India Air Force

Assembly was similar as on the previous kit but now I sanded the spine immediately aft of the cockpit so the canopy could be set open. The windscreen and rear canopy were separated with fine TIGER razorsaw.

In the cockpit I made sure that the Aeroclub seat I had from set EJ024 would fit. I removed any inside plastic as needed. Some side consoles were made from card and the interior painted black. Also additional weight was added in the nose to prevent "tail sitting".  

At the wing, the aileron chords were filled and a new edge inscribed. At the fuselage at the mid station aft of the wing trailing edge, 2 vents were drilled on both sides for the Verdon engine. The rest of assemblying the main parts was straight forward.

This model for an India air force Mystere would also get metallic aluminium metal scheme. First a couple of gloss grey layers were airbrushed followed by a few coats of natural metal using ALCLAD II polished aluminium metallic coat no. 105. Set the airbrush at a low pressure (0.8 bar). 


The India air force markings for this model were inspired by a no. 8 squadron scheme in an AZUR kit (not that they show the India flag reversed on the tail!). I did not have this kit, so the markings were sourced from the decals spare box. 

The spare decal found for the black-yellow checker board at the rudder is not entirely correct but good enough. The numbers and roundels were found in the spares box as well and the red cheat lines were cut examples from lef over decals from Super Mystere kits. 


The rest of fitting the smaller parts like gear was similar as for the previous made French Mystere model. Inside the gear bays some hydraulic lines were suggested with metal wire.

The smaller tanks below the wing (napalm?) as per kit were installed.

A gloss varnish of Future/Pledge was airbrushed to get an even sheen and protect the decals.

The canopy frames were painted aluminium and the canopy could be slided set open (as the spine was sanded thinner much earlier). Pitots fitted and the anti-collision lights painted. That completed this nice model of an India Air Force Mystere for the World Air Forces in Plastic collection.  


india roundel   

India became completely independent in 1947 as Dominion India and as republic in 1950. The World's secondly-mostly populated country on the sub-continent stretches from the Himalayas to the south and hundreds of languages are spoken. Military aviation started in the British empire in the 1930s with an auxiliary force with Wapiti biplanes. After independence, in the India Air Force "Bharatiya Vayu Sena" the first aircraft were former British aircraft like Vampires and Canberra. From the 1950s there were various border conflicts with Pakistan and China and other aircraft were Folland Gnats, Hunters and from France also Ouragans (called "Toofanis"). 

India procured no less than 104 Mystere IVA from 1957. They were used them extensively in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and again in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. The type was completely phased out by 1973.

For more information about the India air force... look at the Jaguar page...

india dassault mystere


india   Mystere IV, India air force, no. 8 squadron, coded "IA 1006", 1965 




india mystere

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