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1/72 scale kits of the Jet Provost and Strikemaster family 
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Another Matchbox/ Revell kit was as described on page 5. It is a simple kit but it was made nevertheless. It was finished as a Strikemaster of the Royal Saudi Air Force 
Mk.80B as provided in the Hannants XTRADECAL sheet X72238. Strikemaster "902/1026" was used at the King Faisal Air College, Saudi Arabia, 1968-1970s. 

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The kit cockpit was detailed a bit but I set the canopy closed as its rear section is moulded with the fuselage spine.
The assembly was kept easy as described in previous pages. Some extra plastic card was set at the instrument coaming. Some small scoops were added on the airframe. All got a base grey coat.

The scheme was airbrushed in an overall light grey airbrushing Gunze Sangyo 324 acrylic.

A gloss varnish with Johnson Future/ Pledge was airbrushed before putting on the XTRAdecals. This will prevent "silvering". Decals applied and than the smaller bits like landing gear. A long antenna was set below the rear fuselage and small rockets.

map map2  flag

[ area 2,149,600 mostly desert | capital: Riyadh | population: 33 million | GDP nominal USD 21,000 per capita ]

For more info about this air force, look at the F-15 page here...

strikemaster saudi arabia
BAC Mk.80B 902/1026 Royal Saudi AF, King Faisal Air College, Saudi Arabia 1968 - 1970s

saudi strikemaster mk.80
 ... in a scenery
strikemaster saudi arabia


The kit made here is from the 1/72 SWORD kit 72090. It is a short run kit with soft plastic.
The plastic is soft and takes time to cure with plastic glue.
kit   sword
The kit has some optionable parts e.d. for also the Jet Provost as it was also released as kit 72089. Such as different instrument panels, intakes, 2 wheel types, antennas and armament.
i1 i2

There are also Martin Baker late type seats in resin in the kit. But they are rather big as compared e.g. to the seats found in the newest Airfix kit. I removed a couple of millimeters from the bottom surfaces. The seats got a mainly black colour with "buff" cushions etc though green is also often seen. Harnesses with also painted with brown.

The Strikemaster instrument panel #43 en cover #47 was installed and the cockpit interior painted medium grey (whereas most Jet Provosts had black interiors). The small intakes are not very deep, I simply painted the closed sections black.

(The nose strakes #50, 51 were not set obviously, these are seen at Jet Provost trainers).
With biggest parts assembled, now some sanding and putty is certainly needed at nose and intakes.
When that was done, the smaller bits like intakes were set. And
the Strikemaster fairings and link ejection shutes #46 and 62 were also installed on the fuselage belly.
I had a bit trouble to fit the pylons. Some trimming was needed and the pylons #38, 39 were set 2 mm more to the rear and outher pylon #38 also more outboard.
The model was airbrushed, first with a base grey colour Revell Aqua "Steingrau" to check for any surface and gap errors.
The smaller bits were not forgotten. 
Than followed the camouflage colours airbrushing the lower areas in light aircraft BSC 627 grey Gunze Sangyo 332 acrylic; than followed masking and the dark green BSC 641 with Gunze Sangyo 330, masking and finally brown for which I used Revell 86 olive braun Aqua acrylic. (this is a bit more "reddish" than Revell 82 dark earth). The black anti-glare panel was also masked and airbrushed dull black.
ipms dpmv decals
The decals are a combination of the XTRADECAL sheet and the Oman decals provided in
the special DPMV/ IPMS NL Revell Strikemaster kit release of 2011 seen on page 4.

As usual gloss varnish with Johnson Future/ Pledge was airbrushed before putting on any decals.
The landing gear legs as moulded in the Sword kit are a bit crude. These need filing and sanding, but the typical split nose wheel is nicely provided in the kit. I painted the gear legs aluminium.  
The wing tip tanks have multi coloured glass nose sections, this was suggested with different paints. The nose lights glass was installed and needed some Microscale Kristal Kleer to close smaller gaps.

The cockpit bits were installed such as seats with harnesses and the canopy set "slided" open.
The final varnish coat was not applied dull but rather a bit gloss with Future.

oman flag  r r2
[ area: 310,000  | capital: Muscat | population: 4,8 million | GDP USD 19,000 per capita nominal ]

For more info about this air force, look at the Jaguar page here...
oman strikemaster mk.82
BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk.82, Royal Oman Air Force, 1970s
   ... in a scenery
omani strikemaster   

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